All the ESSENTIAL Marketing questions you need to ask yourself everytime you communicate!

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This free workshop takes place on April 26th, 9 am EST (time in your timezone)

What You Get:

  • A powerful map you can use over and over again to plan your marketing campaigns  
  • A how-to process that helps ensure your marketing is best-in-class based on what's most important to your clients  
  • A new version of the 7 Ps of marketing that takes marketing from arduous to joyful !

What You Learn:

  • How to sell more because your marketing resonates with the right people
  • What matters most to today's customer
  • How to beat overwhelm & anxiety when it comes to marketing
  • How to look at marketing as a creative process 
  • How to give yourself permission to do marketing your way

The minute you sign up I will send you my beautiful One Page Marketing Plan  

Sarah Santacroce

Why am I hosting this free workshop?

  • Because sooo many entrepreneurs are struggling with marketing themselves 
  • Because I was sick and tired of fake marketing and re-invented the 7Ps of marketing (I’ll reveal them in this workshop) 
  • Because I want to give you permission to market your business your way! 
  • Because I’m on a mission to bring more empathy and kindness to the business world and if we all have fun with marketing than we can achieve that goal!  

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