Join me for the 14-DAY LINKEDIN SUMMER CAMP 

14 Day LinkedIn Learning - starting June 17th

Yes, I want in for $97 !

This is half the price of what I usually charge for a similar Evergreen course. And in addition you get 4 Live Calls & a Facebook Group for accountability!!

What You Get:

  • 14 days of accountability to improve your LinkedIn Presence
  • 4 LIVE Q&A calls on Zoom, see dates below
  • 1 LinkedIn Strategy each day, via email
  • A private Facebook Group to ask questions
  • Written or video content to help you improve your LinkedIn Presence
  • Videos to improve your LinkedIn Profile 
  • Bonus content: My whole LinkedIn Bundle which includes: > LinkedIn for Busiess Success Planner (37 pages) > 6 LinkedIn Invitation Templates > How to get quality recommendations guide > LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet > Social Serving Message Templates > LinkedIn Success Tasks Cheat Sheet 

The Daily emails:

June 17th: Headline & Photo [video] June 18th: 5 Minute LinkedIn Activities per day June 19th: Banner [video] June 20th: LinkedIn Connection Strategy June 21st: How to invite to someone you don't know June 22nd: Summary & Experience [video] June 23rd: Visual Aspect [video] June 24th: The Trust Factor of Your Profile [video] June 25th: Your Accomplishments [video] June 26th: Content Strategy June 27th: 10 Ways to Humanizing LinkedIn [video] June 28th: Use the LinkedIn Messenger to start conversations June 29th: Use LinkedIn Hashtags June 30th: LinkedIn Company Page  

The Live Q&A Calls:

June 20th, 9 am - 10 am EST June 25th, 10 am - 11 am EST June 27th, 9 am - 10 am EST June 28th, 8 am - 9 am EST 

What You Learn:

  • You will turn your LinkedIn Profile into a mini-website, a client magnet & sales tool!
  • You will define your own connection strategy on LinkedIn. 
  • You will learn how to connect with someone you don't know on LinkedIn. 
  • You will increase the trust factor of your profile by updating your skills, endorsements & testimonials.
  • You will come up with your very own content strategy on LinkedIn in order to be recognized as the expert that you are.
  • You will discover how to use the LinkedIn Messenger to start conversations and build relationships that lead to business (without being pushy!).
  • You will learn how to use hashtags and tags to increase the visiblity of your posts and get more engagement.

Through the online webinars that I have taken with Sarah, particularly the online Summer Camp, Sarah has made my experience on LinkedIn a very vital alive experience. Through paying attention to certain details in my profile and how to interact with fellow LinkedIn members I am able to work with efficiency, clarity and focus in order to utilize social networking for my business.  

Learning how to actually meet people and begin real-time relationships with people, who can become potential clients has been clarified and humanized via taking the Summer Camp with Sarah.  

Sarah is an articulate and knowledgeable guide with integrity. All work that I have done with her continues to help me build my practice and business.  

I highly recommend her workshops and webinars to enrich and utilize your use of LinkedIn for networking and business building. 

Pamela Joy Astrologer & Astrological Life Coach

The LinkedIn Summer Camp is for you if:

  • Your clients are corporate decision makers, professionals or other business owners 
  • You sell services to the above audience 
  • You are not seeing much success on Facebook
  • If you have had a LinkedIn Profile for years, but have never really gotten anything out of it
  • If you have heard of other people‚Äôs success with getting clients on LinkedIn  
  • If you think that LinkedIn is not very user-friendly  
Sarah Santacroce

I can't wait for you to finally get results from LinkedIn !

I guarantee that the LinkedIn Summer Camp is going to expand your sense of what's possible with LinkedIn. From improving your profile, to increasing your views, to adding the right kind of connections, those that turn into paying clients, I'm going to give you everything you need to succeed. Plus, the course format makes learning super fun!

Starts on June 17th 2019 !

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