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Gentle Marketing Revolution™ for the Conscious Entrepreneur  

A very different kind of marketing program 

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Here's What You Will Get by Joining the Gentle Marketing Revolution™

A New Marketing Paradigm

You will release the old and make space for a new way of marketing, a way that feels good to you. You are part of a revolution, The Gentle Marketing Revolution™.

Anxiety-Free Marketing

More Joy

You will have a business that is inspiring and uplifting because it is aligned with your truth rather than stress, hardship and discomfort.  

Anxiety-Free Marketing


Inspiring, supportive, caring and non-judgmental - these are just a few of the incredible aspects of the Gentle Marketing Revolution™ community.

Anxiety-Free Marketing

Clarity in Who You Are  

The program will help you gain clarity in who you are and what you stand for and share this newly gained confidence in all your business communications. 

Anxiety-Free Marketing

Get results and enjoy the process

Not only will you start to enjoy the marketing process because you implement your story, your values & your moral principles but you will also sell more because your marketing resonates with the right people.

Anxiety-Free Marketing

Holistic Pricing Strategies

You'll create pricing for win-win-win situations. Win for the world, win for the customer and win for yourself.

Anxiety-Free Marketing

I knew Sarah would be the kind of guide that understood me and what makes sense for me as a heart-centered introverted entrepreneur. Too many marketing advisors don't get it. Sarah brings wisdom, experience, and heart to it. That's my kind of guide. I saw some of my blindspots about trying to describe my work in a head-centered way instead of more heart-centered and holistic. I'm feeling encouraged to face being a "freak" when I talk in a more real way. For instance, I'm feeling bolder to talk about my interests in social impact. I also am getting to look at new marketing ideas because Sarah knows about so many marketing avenues, and she always talks about them in the context of ethical marketing and I don't want to learn any other way. - Val Nelson, Business Coach for Introverts 

I know marketing is a MUST for any business to succeed and survive. I have read, watched and participated in various programs in the past yet many seemed to come from fear or scarcity place which didn’t feel in alignment with who I am or what I wanted to present to potential customers. So I was inconsistent in my marketing promoting and messaging. As I went through the Gentle Marketing Revolution process I felt like I wasn’t alone and enjoyed the group collaboration. I learned that it's ok to be more myself and that marketing doesn’t need to be a scare tactic to get customers.  

- Nicole Burgess-Women’s Leadership Coach

Here's What You Will Learn

The Gentle Marketing Revolution™ is a 11-week live virtual training program that uncovers an unconventional approach to marketing so that you can grow a successful business that is inspiring and uplifting because it is aligned with your truth rather than stress, hardship and discomfort.  

It is designed to not only help you grow your business with ethical marketing practices but also create a more meaningful life – and make the world a better place.  

Conscious Marketing Mandala

Module 1: Passion New Marketing Paradigm, Passion and Definition of Integrity  

As a conscious entrepreneur, being of service and making a difference is your driving force. This means that your main objective with marketing is to be of service to others all while running a successful business & making money.  

  • Introduction to the New Marketing Paradigm that is based on being of service.
  • You get clarity about your WHY, so you can confidently communicate your passion to the people who you want to serve.
  • We define ‘Integrity’, the overarching theme of this course & commit to always honor our word in marketing.
  • And finally you write down your intention for the coming 11 weeks & beyond.

This module sets the tone for this marketing paradigm shift that you're about to integrate and gives you the confidence and the permission to own your message and share it with the world. 

Module 2: Personal Power Define Your Unique Super Powers

Your uniqueness only fully comes to life (and to your business) once you have a deep understanding of your unique super powers

  • We use different personality tests that reveal your natural strengths.
  • You gain confidence in who you are by telling your story, using your unique super powers.
  • You learn to set clear boundaries with your energy so you don't get overwhelmed and can stay focused on the things that really matter to you.
  • You dive deep into your fear of rejection and learn to stay in your own truth.

If you've been struggling to show up authentically or if who your true self has gotten lost over the years, then this module will lead you back to your personal power. 

Module 3: People Find Your Tribe

You don’t need to be liked by everyone; you just need your tribe. So let’s work on finding out who and where they are. How do they think? What do they wear? Which Youtube channel do they watch? Which books do they read? What language do they use? Do they have the same values as you?  

  • We do a thorough analysis of your ideal client, a true consumer psychology exercise.
  • We go way beyond the 'client avatar' to understand your client's feelings and emotions and why they buy. 
  • We go beyond simple demographics and discover the psychodemographic spending habits of your ideal client. 
  • We apply their ‘secret language’ to your communication strategy in order to attract like-minded clients and get sales with ease.
  • And finally you update your About Page, your LinkedIn Profile, your Author Bio and other outlets with your story to showcase your expertise with the new confidence and courage of a gentle leader.  

This is not your typical 'Who Is Your Ideal Client' exercise you can find online. We go deep into consumer psychology to create this immediate human connection with your ideal clients - your tribe.

Module 4: Product Build a Product Your People Love

This is where we build a product or service that is so good, so compelling, so unique that people simply will want to buy. 

  • Together we review your Products & Service descriptions to ensure they align with your ideal client and your values.
  • Update your Sales Pages to reflect your unique personality & super powers.
  • Use language that your ideal clients 'get'.
  • And finally, we create ways to get away from the 'time for money' model and create other income streams to help you grow a sustainable business.

In this module we bring it all together - your WHY, your values, your super powers, your story, your ideal client's values & language - and position your service or product as the go-to solution for your clients’ problems.

Module 5: Pricing Money, Financial Integrity and Fair Pricing

We reveal different ways of pricing your services & products following the guidelines of the Gentle Business Paradigm, a win-win that is about serving your community while making money. That's Financial Integrity.  

  • We see where your thoughts about money and marketing might be influencing your abundance
  • We take an emotional deep dive into your money story so you can let go of limiting beliefs around money
  • You give yourself permission to make good money
  • Learn how different pricing models influence your brand image. 
  • With your newly gained confidence, we make a plan to raise your prices: it’s time to stop underselling yourself!  

In this module we openly talk about money so that you feel confident and empowered with money and pricing.  

Module 6: Promotion Communicate With Confidence & Vulnerability

By consciously marketing from the inside out, the promotional activity becomes almost effortless. This is where ‘daring to be different’ with vulnerability and authenticity is so essential.  

  • You pick your main platform(s) and be clear about your communication style for your business. 
  • I share my tried and true tricks for showing up with confidence on video, webinars and any written communication. 
  • You learn to be effective with the 'less is more' approach. 

After this module you will be able to pick those marketing & promotion strategies that are aligned with who you are, and create a Holistic Marketing Plan going forward. 

Module 7: Partnership It takes a village... to build a business

Isolation can leave you feeling anxious, lonely or second-guessing your business moves! As conscious marketers we believe in collaboration and make relationship building a priority in our business and marketing model. 

  • We explore the different types of partnerships available to you, where to find them and how to bond with them.
  • We create new partnership habits that not only help you build a successful business but also make you feel more connected and less alone. 

This module helps your realize the importance of collaboration and make a plan to build your business by creating powerful partnerships with others. 


I love that the Latin root of the word integrate is integrare, “to make whole.” You are now ready to truly make a difference and reach more people whose lives you want to touch deeply. 

No matter where you’re at, you are enough.  

You belong. You can find your tribe. You can get results and enjoy the process !  

We’ve progressed from a society of farmers to a society of factory workers to a society of knowledge workers. And now we’re progressing yet again – to a society of creators & empathizers, of pattern recognizers & meaning makers. 

 - Daniel Pink -

Why I've Created this Program

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” 

– Anaïs Nin  

I have lost track of my authenticity countless times in an effort to blend in, to belong, to succeed.

I was tired of the same old manipulative & hype marketing approaches in the online world.  

And I have decided that it's time for a different approach - for all of us conscious entrepreneurs!  

A way to market your business authentically and with integrity.  

According to your values & beliefs.

A gentle & kind way.  

Without anxiety.  

With the confidence that the right people will be attracted to your different way of marketing.

With confidence & care.

Sarah's Gentle Marketing Revolution™ program was exactly what I needed at this point in my marketing efforts. The content is both fundamental and strategic. It has helped me to make sure I have the basics in place so that putting myself out there feels much easier and less intimidating. It's strategic because it covers all the key decisions a marketer needs to make in putting together their plan. I learned a lot from Sarah, but also from the group -- I was impressed with the caliber of people and amount of experience on the calls. Sarah is a real pleasure to work with -- she is smart, open, warm, generous and extremely adept at what she does. I highly recommend this program, both for people starting out and for those who might be dissatisfied with their current marketing efforts and outcomes. 

- April Scott, Executive Coach & Consultant

The Details

This 11-week Program begins January 28th, 2020 combines the inner work with the outer work, transforming you into the person who can reach your big goal. 

This is an online group program with an intimate setting.  

The weekly calls are live but will also be recorded for participants.  

The 75-minute calls take place on Tuesdays at 10 am ET (check time in your time zone)

Besides the live calls participants also get access to the video library covering the 7 Modules.

The Gentle Marketing Revolution™ for 2020: 

Tuesday, January 28th, 10 am ET

Module 1: Passion

Tuesday, February 4th, 10 am ET

Module 2: Personal Power

Tuesday, February 11th, 10 am ET

Deep Dive: Human Design with Jennifer Freeman

Tuesday, February 18th, 10 am ET

Module 3: People

Tuesday February 25th, 10 am ET

Deep Dive: Storytelling 

Tuesday, March 3rd, 10 am ET

Module 4: Products & Services

Tuesday, March 10th, 10 am ET

Module 5: Pricing

Tuesday, March 17th, 10 am ET

Deep Dive to be defined

Tuesday, March 24th, 10 am ET

Module 6: Promotion

Tuesday, March 31st, 10 am ET

Module 7: Partnership

Tuesday, April 7th, 10 am ET 


As a solopreneur and an introvert I find that it is all too easy to get stuck at certain points in the creation of my marketing strategy. Sarah's Gentle Marketing Revolution™ program helped me to work more systematically and holistically through it, so I have a clearer picture of the next steps and what it's going to take. It was great to be part of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all about showing up authentically, serving our clients and selling without being pushy.

- Ruth Kearns Wollmann, Leadership Coach

You’ve finally found the Marketing Program that’s right for you !  

  • Because this is the only program of its kind that is focused on marketing your business with ethical practices, without using six-figure hype, manipulative techniques or other sleazy sales strategies.  
  • Because the way you're marketing your business now is not working for you anymore.
  • Because we are now in the ‘H2H’, human to human age, an era where people are searching for higher meaning and a human connection, a society of creators & empathizers, of pattern recognizers & meaning makers, according to author Daniel H. Pink. 
  • Because when you market from within, it's easy to promote your offering authentically and communicate with integrity, kindness and true care.
  • Because it's time to question all your assumptions around marketing & start from scratch. 

You wouldn't be reading this far if the cookie-cutter approach was still working for you. 

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, this program will help you set the foundation to attract like minded clients and then become the person who can reach bigger goals, whatever they are. 

Sarah's presence calms me down immediately. As someone who quickly gets overwhelmed by the "to do" list of marketing, I am finding a pacing and focus that makes marketing doable and in accordance with what is right for me! Thank you, Sarah. I look forward to feeling easier and more curious about how marketing can be fun, effective and in alignment with the quality and mission of my work.

- Donna Brooks,

Recap of What's Included in this 11-week LIVE Program :

This is a hybrid program including Access to the video library (20 - 30 minute video per module) 1 assigment / worksheet for each module Eleven (11) 75-minute group calls 

  • Module 1: Passion The New Marketing Paradigm is based on being of service, being passionate.
  • Module 2: Personal Power Learn about your unique super powers so that you'll never have to wear that mask again!  
  • Deep Dive: Human Design with Jennifer Freeman
  • Deep Dive: Storytelling with Dominic De Souza
  • Module 3: People Define who will love your products and services and then marketing to them will become easy!
  • Module 4: Product Build a product or service that is so good that people simply want to buy.
  • Module 5: Pricing We discuss different ways of pricing your services and products that serve your community while making money. 
  • Module 6: Promotion If we are conscious of always marketing from the inside out by reminding ourselves of our Passion, Personal Power & People, the promotional activity becomes almost effortless
  • Module 7: Partnerships After this module you will come to realize how important the role of collaboration is and have a plan to build your business by creating powerful partnerships with others. 
  • Integration


  • Planning Guide to help you create a 'Community Growing Challenge' This is a 23-Page step-by-step Planner you can follow to create your own challenge which your ideal clients will love! Valued at $47

What is the Investment?

Choose Your Favorite Level of Support

Select the level of support you'd love to help you implement this new way of marketing your business

This is an option if you don't need the community aspect of the program and are a good 'do-it-yourselfer' 

Online Only Program


1-time fee

  • 8 30-Minute Video Lessons unpacking each section of the Mandala
  • 8 expertly designed assignment workbooks
  • Safe & private community on Trello to ask all your questions
Enroll now


This is our favorite way to support you and the one we described on this page. We run it twice per year, in January & September. 

Live Program


1-time fee for the 3 months Payment plan available 

Everything in the Online Program Tier, plus: 

  • 7 Live 75-Minute Community Calls to go deeper into each 'P'
  • 3 Live 75-Minute Deep-Dive Group Calls
  • 1 Live 75-Minute Integration Group Call
  • 2 Live 60-Minute Group Writing Sessions
  • Private Facebook Group


  • My LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet (a $ 97 value)
  • About Page Cheat Sheet (a $ 97 value)
  • Speaking Cheat Sheet (a $ 97 value)

This is your choice if you work best with additional support & the accountability of a small mastermind.

VIP - 6 spots:


1-time fee for the 3 months Payment plan available 

Everything in the Live Program Tier, plus: 

  • A total of three 1-on-1 calls with Sarah 
  • 6 Live 90-Minute group calls to work on your marketing strategy


  • All the Bonuses from the Live Program Tier, plus
  • Your LinkedIn Profile - Done For You! (I write your profile for you, from A to Z, a $1800 value)
  • Your 100-Word Bio Done For You (a $1000 value)
  • Your Podcast Speaker Sheet Done For You! (I write and design it for you, a $750 value)

The Gentle Marketing Revolution™ Program helped me let to go of all the ‘shoulds’ and just focus on the marketing strategies that work for me, the ones I feel comfortable with. I gained clarity on how everything I do in my business is always connected to my purpose and to who I am. I want to work with the people who want to work with Whit to learn and make a real difference in their organizations!  

- Whit Raymond, Executive Coach  

There are two things I absolutely loved about The Gentle Marketing Revolution™ Program: the assignments were fantastic, and the friendships on the calls.  

Following Sarah's assignments, I filled up a notepad with paragraphs of thoughts and ideas. For me, that was more important than I realized - I'm a hugely creative introvert, so my brain is running all the time. But it also means that I'm not great at answering things on the spot. I need to write things down to find out what I think about them. It took Sarah's promptings to pull all my ideas out of the ether and down into something coherent. Midway through her course, I started revamping my marketing content, rewriting my website, and refocusing my business. I now have a lot more confidence about what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and the kinds of people I want to work with.  

Secondly, the group has become a cadre of friends, people I trust. They've made the journey far more engaging. I was the youngest person on the calls, so I did a lot of listening when Sarah would open the floor to feedback and questions. A lot of lessons learned from far more experienced people. But also, it was so interesting to learn that mid-life entrepreneurs often struggle with the same questions and doubts that young solopreneurs do. Roundtabling multi-generational discussion was amazing, and also acted as a spur to stay on top of the reading materials. Sarah frequently recommended additional reading and resources.  

I'm absolutely recommending this course to my friends and colleagues. Sarah's 7-part mandala brings the focus back to what's most important, and what's possible in your business. 

Not just the systems, but the heart that makes it all happen. Thanks Sarah! 

Dominic De Souza - Marketer, Designer, Storyteller  

Our Guest Speakers

Jen Freeman

Introducing Your Human Design with Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer Freeman is a longtime practitioner of mind-body awareness and wisdom traditions from around the world, including Qigong, Ayurveda, Buddhist philosophy, Human Design, and Modern Capitalism. She calls upon these systems to support her intuitive wisdom which arises as she coaches and consults. Her business background includes website design, working in land development raising $5 million in capital projects, and past license as a California Real Estate Broker. Jen brings with her a lifetime of passionate interest in transformational modalities and is dedicated to facilitating individuals and businesses toward their highest calling and best practices. You can find her online at

Dominic de Souza

Storytelling with Dominic de Souza

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, studied in Fiji and France, now living in the United States. Writing my first novel at 13 opened a door to storytelling, and that anything is possible. In the last 15 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing people. Each of them have strong stories, and vibrant visions. But none of them leaned into their story to spellbind audiences. So, in 2019, I started Dream Again Marketing to help small businesses spellbind through storytelling, and see marketing as a way to bring purpose and leadership.  

If You've Gotten this far, You Owe it Yourself to consider these questions...

What if just one idea in the Gentle Marketing Revolution™ ... inspires you to create a new service that propels your business to a new level

What if just one strategy in Gentle Marketing Revolution™... helps you sell out your next group program? 

What if just one person you meet in Gentle Marketing Revolution™... leads to a business alliance, life-long friendship or financial opportunity? 

What if just one session of Gentle Marketing Revolution™... helps you see that you are good enough, that your marketing is good enough and that you can let go of your self-doubt and fear of rejection? What impact will that have on your relationships, your revenues, and your sense of self?  

What if just one technique in Gentle Marketing Revolution™... helps you show up more authentically in your marketing, unleashing your full potential, doing what you love? 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

The Gentle Marketing Revolution™ taught me another way to look at marketing, a gentler way. A way that was more congruent with my values and beliefs. A particularly pivotal moment was learning to shift my mindset from 'what can I post today' to 'who can I help today and how'? This opened up my mind and things started to flow with clarity and ease. A few weeks after the programme ended I resigned from my full time job (a golden hand-cuffs kind of situation) and now have absolute clarity on my ideal client and my offering. And I am full of confidence and raring to go! 

- Sarah Howling, Career Succes Coach

Frequently Asked Questions 

When does the live program start?

The community aspect of the program starts on January 28th, 2020 with our first group call. However you get access to the program's Customer Hub immediately after registration and can already view the videos, download the assignements, worksheets etc.  

What if I don't want to participate in the Facebook group?

We understand and hear this more often every day. No problem, we understand! You can still receive a tremendous amount from the program even without being active in the Facebook Group. You will still get all the emails, teachings, replays, workbooks, exercises and more.  

What if I can’t make it to one/some of the group calls?  

If you can’t make the calls, don’t worry! We’ll be recording every session; they are yours to keep forever.  

I don’t live in the US. Will this program support me as an international member of the community?  

That's one of the big differenatiators of this program. We have people from all over the world join us. Sarah herself is based in Switzerland. We love the diversity and fresh perspectives that come through a diverse group.

Is this self-paced, or are there weekly calls? How does this all work?  

The live Gentle Marketing Revolution program is a hybrid. You will have access to a private online member area, which you’ll get access to as soon as you sign up for the program. And then there's the live weekly group calls which make this program truly unique. These group calls might be different from any other programs that you've ever experienced because participants are truly heard & seen, they participate and don't just attend. For example everyone is encouraged to be on webcam so we can really connect. 

There’s a very clear framework to the program. We move through the 7 Ps of the Gentle Marketing Mandala: Passion, Personal Power, People, Product, Pricing, Promotion & Partnership.  

You're asked to watch the relevant video before our live group call and also work on the week's assignment.

The live group calls are always on Tuesdays, 10 am EST. They are an extension of the course content, a way to go deeper with the other participants. Sometimes Sarah will guide you through a group exercise, but generally no new content is taught.  

We also have a private Facebook Group. This is where you can really connect with other members, ask for advice relating to the material, be witnessed in your journey, and get support.  

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive:

  • Payment and log-in confirmation to access your course material via email
  • Welcome message with a short list of next steps
  • Information for our first call on January 28th

I'm still not sure. What if I have questions that aren't addressed above?  

We'd love to hear from you! Send us a note to and we are happy to respond via email or even jump on a call.  

Oh, and one last thing...  

The Gentle Marketing Revolution™ program is an integral part of The Gentle Business Revolution™. 

We are a global community of women and men with common values who come together and support one another in all areas of life and business. 

We are on a mission to prove that we can be gentle and kind, market and grow our business without anxiety while staying true to our most authentic self.  

We have two main goals: living a meaningful life and making the world a better place. We use our businesses to achieve the latter.  

We believe when we thrive the world thrives and in order to do so, we must focus on the core aspects of our human experience — learning, growing, elevating and expanding together.  

We create win-win-win situations. Win for the world, win for the customer and win for ourselves. We are interested in creating sustainable businesses – not just to create wealth for ourselves, but to make an impact and make this world a better place. 

Do you want to be gentle, authentic AND successful in your marketing and business? Create a meaningful life and make the world a better place? 

Then you are one of these people I want to surround myself with! 

I can’t wait to meet you!