Anxiety-Free Marketing

Watch this short video that describes what I think might be happening for you...  

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Anxiety-Free Marketing for the Conscious Entrepreneur  

A different kind of marketing program 

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It's time to break out of the anxiety cycle. It's time to market your business authentically. With confidence, aligned with your values. Aligned with your strong moral principles.  

It's time to achieve your true potential! 

Here's What You Will Get from Anxiety-Free Marketing

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Anxiety-Free Marketing
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Anxiety-Free Marketing

I knew Sarah would be the kind of guide that understood me and what makes sense for me as a heart-centered introverted entrepreneur. Too many marketing advisors don't get it. Sarah brings wisdom, experience, and heart to it. That's my kind of guide. I saw some of my blindspots about trying to describe my work in a head-centered way instead of more heart-centered and holistic. I'm feeling encouraged to face being a "freak" when I talk in a more real way. For instance, I'm feeling bolder to talk about my interests in social impact. I also am getting to look at new marketing ideas because Sarah knows about so many marketing avenues, and she always talks about them in the context of ethical marketing and I don't want to learn any other way. - Val Nelson, Business Coach for Introverts 

Here's What You Will Learn

Anxiety-Free Marketing is based on a re-modeled version of the 7P’s of Marketing. This new model is represented in the form of a Mandala, with ourselves in the middle so we can market from within.  

Anxiety-Free Marketing

Anxiety-Free Marketing Mandala

Traditional Marketing

7Ps of Marketing

It is a 8-week live virtual training program that uncovers an unconventional approach to marketing so that you can grow a successful business that is no longer kept small by fear of what others think. It is designed to not only help you grow your business with ethical marketing practices but also create a more meaningful life – and make the world a better place. AFM is the building block of The Gentle Business Revolution, a movement that’s on a mission to prove that you can be gentle and kind, market & gro& your business without anxiety while staying true to your most authentic self. 

Module 1: Passion New Marketing Paradigm, Passion and Definition of Integrity  

As a conscious entrepreneur, being of service and making a difference is your driving force. This means that your main objective with marketing is to be of service to others, compared to trying to ‘rake in’ as much money as possible.  

  • Introduction to the New Marketing Paradigm that is based on being of service.
  • You get clear(er) about your WHY, your passion. 
  • We define ‘Integrity’, the overarching theme of this course.
  • And finally you write down your intention for the coming 8 weeks & beyond.

Module 2: Personal Power Define Your Unique Super Powers

Your uniqueness only fully comes to life (and business) once you learn about and have a deep understanding of your unique super powers

  • We will use different personality tests to learn even more about yourselves.
  • You will gain confidence in who you are by telling your story, using your unique super powers.
  • You will learn how to set clear boundaries for your energy so you don't get overwhelmed and will be able to stay focused on the things that really matter to you.
  • You will dive deep into your fear of rejection and learn to stay true to your own truth.

Module 3: People Find Your Tribe

You don’t need to be liked by everyone; you just need to be loved by your tribe. So let’s work on finding out who’s in your tribe. How do they think? What do they wear? Which Youtube channel do they watch? Which books do they read? What language do they use? Do they have the same values as you?  

  • You will do a thorough analysis of your ideal client.
  • You will go way beyond the 'avatar' but also consider your client's feelings and emotions.
  • You will then apply their ‘secret language’ to your communication strategy.
  • And finally you will update your About Page, your LinkedIn Profile, your Author Bio and other outlets to showcase your expertise with the new confidence and courage of a gentle leader.  

Module 4: Product Build a Product Your People Love

This is where we build a product or service that is so good, so compelling, so unique that people simply will want to buy. 

  • Together we will review your Products & Service descriptions and double check that they align with your ideal client and your values.
  • You will update your Sales Pages to reflect your unique personality & super powers.
  • You will use language that only your ideal clients 'get'.
  • And finally, we will discuss different ways to get away from the 'time for money' model and create other income streams that will help you grow a sustainable business.

Module 5: Pricing Financial Integrity and Fair Pricing

We discuss different ways of pricing your services & products that follow the guidelines of the new Business Paradigm, a win-win that is about serving your community while making money. I call that Financial Integrity.  

  • We will address how you think about money and marketing might be influencing your thoughts on abundance
  • We will talk about different pricing models and how they influence the image of your brand. 
  • With our newly gained confidence, we ill put in place a plan to raise your prices: it’s time to stop underselling yourself!  

Module 6: Promotion Communicate With Confidence & Vulnerability

If we are conscious of always marketing from the inside out by reminding ourselves of our Passion, Personal Power & People, the promotional activity becomes almost effortless. This is where ‘daring to be different’ and using vulnerability and authenticity is so essential.  

  • You will pick your main platform(s) and be clear about your communication style for your business. 
  • I will open my bag of tricks to help you show up with confidence on video, webinars and any written communication. 
  • You will be able to take the 'less is more' approach.  

Module 7: Partnership It takes a village... to build a business

After this module you will come to realize how important the role of collaboration is and have a plan to build your business by creating powerful partnerships with others. 

  • We will review the different types of partnerships (peers, partners, mentors & coaches, your community, team members, family & generational partners) and share tips on where to find them and how to bond with them
  • From there we'll create new partnership habits that not only help you build a successful business but also make you feel more connected and less alone. 


I love that the Latin root of the word integrate is integrare, “to make whole.” You are now ready to truly make a difference and reach more people whose lives you want to touch deeply. And... you also understand that learning about yourself & your unique strenghts is an ongoing reflection and requires you to go even deeper into some of the topics. 

But no matter where you’re at, you are enough.  

You belong. You can find your tribe. And, you can market your business – with integrity!  

Why I'm Creating this Program

I have lost track of my authenticity countless times in an effort to blend in, to belong, to succeed.

I am tired of the same old persuasive marketing approaches in the online world.  

And I have decided that it's time for a different approach - for all of us conscious entrepreneurs!  

A way to market your business authentically and with integrity.  

According to our values & beliefs.

A gentle & kind way.  

Without anxiety.  

Without fear of how other people will think of you.  

With confidence & care.

Yes, I'm ready to sign up!

For this second Beta Round you get access at the very reduced price of $500.  

I'd like to attend the 'Marketing 1-Page-Plan Workshop' on April 26th first

The Details

This second beta-test round is a 8-week Marketing Program, which starts on May 6th, 2019 combines the inner work with the outer work and transforms you into the person who can reach your big goal. 

This is an online group program with an intimate setting.  

Participants get access to the video library covering the 7 Modules and will meet on Zoom to go deeper into the content.

The weekly calls are live but will also be recorded and partcipants receive the recordings.  

The 75-minute calls take place on Mondays at 10 am ET (check time in your time zone).

The Anxiety-Free Marketing calls take place on: 

Monday, May 6th, 2019, 10 am ET

Module 1: Passion

Monday, May 13th, 2019, 10 am ET

Module 2: Personal Power

Monday, May 20th, 2019, 10 am ET

Module 3: People

Monday, May 27th, 2019, 10 am ET

Module 4: Product & Services

Monday, June 3rd, 2019, 10 am ET

Module 5: Pricing

Pentecost, no call

Monday, June 17th, 2019, 10 am ET

Module 6: Promotion

Monday, June 24th, 2019, 10 am ET

Module 7: Partnership

Monday, July 1st, 2019, 10 am ET


Why Another Marketing Program?

  • Because the way you're marketing your business now is not working.
  • Because you have been focusing on details (which platforms?, podcasts, videos? etc.,) instead of focusing on your WHY and your PEOPLE.
  • Because when you return to your center, it's easy to promote your offering authentically and communicate with integrity, kindness and true care.
  • Because it's time to question all your assumptions around marketing & start from scratch. 

This is not a beginner course

Recap of What's Included in this 8-week Program :

8-Week Modules Eight (8) 75-minute group calls (1 Module every week)

  • Module 1: Passion The New Marketing Paradigm is based on being of service, being passionate.
  • Module 2: Personal Power Learn about your unique super powers so that you'll never have to wear that Chameleon Suit again!  
  • Module 3: People Define who will love your products and services and then marketing to them will become easy!
  • Module 4: Product Build a product or service that is so good that people simply want to buy.
  • Module 5: Pricing We discuss different ways of pricing your services and products that serve your community while making money. 
  • Module 6: Promotion If we are conscious of always marketing from the inside out by reminding ourselves of our Passion, Personal Power & People, the promotional activity becomes almost effortless
  • Module 7: Partnerships After this module you will come to realize how important the role of collaboration is and have a plan to build your business by creating powerful partnerships with others. 


  • Bonus 1: Planning Guide to help you create a 'Community Growing Challenge' This is a 23-Page Planner you can follow to create your own challenge which your ideal clients will love! Valued at $47
  • Bonus 2: My LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix Video Course to help you transform your LinkedIn Profile into a client magnet! Valued at $197 
  • Recordings of all eight 75-minute Group calls
  • Private Facebook group for interaction outside of the calls 
  • Handout with exercises or other assignments for each week.  

For this second Beta Round you get access at the very reduced price of $500.  

What I know with absolute certainty is that after the 8 weeks you’ll never look at Marketing the same way again!  

And, you’ll never feel alone again!  

You'll be a Co-Creator of this new Marketing Paradigm Shift!

If your intuition calls you to join me for this journey, then click the button below to reserve your spot.  


For this second Beta Round you get access at the very reduced price of $500.