Anxiety-Free Marketing

Fed up with hype marketing tactics & looking for a different way to market your business ?

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Anxiety-Free Marketing™ for the Conscious Entrepreneur  

A different kind of marketing program  

As a Consumer, has this happened to you? 

  • You accept a LinkedIn connection request and two minutes later you receive a long & pushy pitch on how you absolutely need their services right now?
  • You sign up for a free offer and the very first email you receive describes how your business is a failure but claims that their $1997 program will create the life of your dreams
  • You opt in for a 'live' webinar only to find out later that it's a recorded video. You feel cheated!
  • You visit a sales page and they make you click through multiple pages or jump through hoops to book a call with someone who will paint a lovely picture of your future self and then drop their multi-five or six-figure price tag to get you there.  

As Consumers we innocently opt-in to these offers and when we wake up to sales manipulation we feel that trust is broken

As an Entrepreneur, have you experienced this?  

  • You implemented a marketing plan that gets results but leaves you feeling out of integrity
  • You put on a 'marketing mask' and don't show up authentically.
  • Fear of rejection, self-doubt and comparison to others holds you back from fully showing up and marketing your business. 
  • You loathe the marketing process alltogether and refuse to use fear based tactics and end up just counting on referrals.  

I'm here to say that there's a better way to market your business online!  

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It's time for a Marketing Paradigm Shift!

It's time to break out of the anxiety cycle.  

It's time to restore the trust.  

It's time to market YOUR business YOUR way!  

With confidence, aligned with your values.  

Aligned with your strong moral principles.  

It's time to achieve your true potential, get results and enjoy the process!

What is Anxiety-Free Marketing™?

Get ready for a whole new approach. 

It is a 12-week live virtual training program revealing an unconventional approach to market so you can grow a successful business that is no longer kept small by fear of what others think. You get real results while enjoying the process. 

The Anxiety-Free Marketing™ program helps you grow your business with ethical marketing practices, without using manipulation, six-figure hype & fear to lure people in. With this approach you'll also create a more meaningful life as a conscious marketer – and make the world a better place.  

What's different about Anxiety-Free Marketing™ ?

It's a completely re-modeled version of the 7P’s of Marketing.  

This new model is represented in the form of a Mandala, with YOU in the center so you can market from within. 

Traditional Marketing

Anxiety-Free Marketing™

Anxiety-Free Marketing
Anxiety-Free Marketing Mandala

How is the Mandala for Conscious Marketing™ different from the 7Ps of Marketing?

Place or 'where' is replaced by Passion: Physical location is no longer relevant in our global online marketplace. However, 'starting with your WHY' or your Passion is the key to marketing your business with joy!

People are People. The need to reach and connect with your Conscious Customer is ever-present!

Physical evidence - signage, packacking, brick and mortar - are less visible online. It is replaced by Personal Power. Knowing yourself, your values and what you stand for. This is what matters in today's overcrowded online market. 

Product is still your unique Product or Service, but we focus on value creation for your Conscious Customer and the world.

Pricing is still key for any business. Except that in Anxiety-Free Marketing™ we align value-creation with fair pricing to create Win-Win-Win solutions. situations. Win for the client, Win for you, Win for the world. No more under- charging or under-earning. Your result is satisfied clients who always receive value for their investment.  

Promotion remains, but the Promotion methods transform from fear-based and fake to conscious and authentic.  

Process is replaced by Partnership. Yes, processes have merit. But the real fuel for your business lies in the power of partnership and collaboration. Partnership also nixes the feeling of going-it-alone as a solopreneur.  

Who is Anxiety-Free Marketing™ for?

Heart-centered entrepreneurs who feel anxiety & self-doubt around marketing their business

Conscious entrepreneurs who are fed up with hype marketing and are ready for a paradigm shift

How does Anxiety-Free Marketing™ work?

The Anxiety-Free Marketing™ sessions consist of 12 weekly live calls with your host unpacking each section of the Mandala: Passion, Personal Power, People, Product, Pricing, Promotion and Partnership. 

These live group sessions allow you to dive deep into your business, share, connect and be heard. You get to co-create and bond with like-minded Conscious Entrepreneurs, in a safe space where you can truly be yourself. This powerful group work is where the magic happens!  

In addition to the weekly live calls, you get full access to a video library, covering all of the course content in detail. Participants find the live calls are enhanced by viewing the video topic before the live call. 

To keep your 12 week progress on track, you also receive the Anxiety-Free Marketing™ weekly assignment workbook. This expertly designed guide gives you questions, exercises and practices to prompt self-discovery and “a-ha moments” that open the possibilities for your business. A resource page is included for each week’s topic for continued learning. By completing the workbook and taking consistent action, you receive the absolute highest value for your investment in this powerful program.  

If for some reason you can’t attend a scheduled LIVE call, each one is recorded and sent out so you won’t miss a thing!  

“ The 21st Century Marketing Paradigm reflects a customer centric mindset that turns marketers into healers where our role is to cure, restore health, soundness and spiritual wholeness.” - Raj Sisodia -

What can you expect by participating?

Marketing / Business Results

Attract higher quality clients who happily spend their hard-earned money with you, knowing they always receive high value for their investment.

Find your platform or system of choice to find and communicate with your ideal clients.

Create high value in your product or service making it irresistible to your ideal clients because it speaks their language and reflects their values.

Raise your prices thanks to your newly gained confidence - no more under-earning!

Take the ‘less is more’ approach and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Create a plan to leverage partnerships and collaboration to fuel your business growth!

Inner Fulfillment

Feel less stress, self-doubt and anxiety around marketing your business by using ethical marketing practices that feel good to you.

Gain confidence and clarity in who you are to market your business with authenticity and make your own rules.

Set clear boundaries for your energy and learn to prioritize what is truly important to you.

Learn to deal with rejection so that you can continue to show up consistently and share your gifts with the world.

Meet like-minded people who are learning with you so you don’t have to go it alone anymore.

Return to your center by integrating business and your authentic self.

What previous participants say

Anxiety-Free Marketing™ with Sarah Santacroce opened my eyes to a new paradigm in marketing. I realized that I spend far too much time avoiding marketing than I do inside of it. As a business owner not being highly focused on marketing and sales is the kiss of death - you simply cannot earn enough money to keep your business going without doing it. When I don’t fully show up inside of my Marketing process I am missing out on the kind of success I know the caliber and quality of my work warrants. Sarah’s course made it clear that now is the time to take my marketing to a whole new level of effectiveness. I gained confidence and a new approach for my communications that I know will bring great success in serving more of the right clients going forward.  

- Leisa Peterson, Abundance Coach  

Anxiety-Free Marketing™ was incredibly insightful and empowering as it provided me with the tools to not only better understand myself and my business but how to better communicate my values and passion to serve the right community of people. Sarah's gentle approach created a safe space for me to dig deeper than I expected to go. It was wonderful to feel the encouragement and support from the group members. I gained insight into where my business needs more support and the courage to be more authentic, not just when I am working with my clients but in all my communication and marketing.  

- Svava Brooks, Life Coach  

Anxiety-Free Marketing™ couldn't have come at a better time for me. The covered content intersected with a lot of other things happening in my life, so the timing was perfect. The group I was in was warm, supportive and caring and Sarah guided it with grace & skill. As one of the outcomes of this inspiring journey, a blend of business & meaning, I committed to writing another book with the title "Purpose "Driven Achievement" and asked Sarah to write the foreword ;-)  

- Gary Smith, Performance Consultant & Business Coach 

The Anxiety-Free Marketing™ Program has helped me to gain clarity on “who I am” in my coaching business, as well as helping me to define my focus and passion. 

- Janice Heller, Career Coach

I loved to take part in Sarah's Anxiety-Free Marketing™ Program. The topics were spot on and and the discussions were lively and informative. The best part is that Sarah combines a truly heart felt and authentic approach to what can be a daunting subject--marketing from the inside out. I felt welcomed and inspired, ready to put more of "me" out there. An unexpected bonus was the high quality and heartfelt network I became a part of as a member of the program. I've made some great contacts and friends with people I feel aligned with and several business opportunities have already been the outcome of these new friendships. Thank you Sarah for a wonderful program! I highly recommend it!  

- Jennifer Freeman, Transformation Coach  

After going through the Anxiety-Free Marketing™process, I realize my awareness remains heightened. I more quickly dismiss sleazy marketing without consideration and I just continue the search for marketing that feels good for me and my clients.  

- Catherine Greenspan, Publisher & Book Writing Coach  

Introducing Your Anxiety-Free Marketing™ Host

Sarah Santacroce is an internationally recognized LinkedIn Consultant, entrepreneur, podcaster, ‘Hippie turned Business Coach’ and the Founder of the Gentle Business Revolution.  

In addition to her LinkedIn expertise, Sarah is known for helping fellow introverts market their business authentically & anxiety-free, sell their services & make a difference in the world. She’s also hosts the ‘Gentle Business Revolution’ podcast where her conversations aim to disrupt the current marketing paradigm and bring more empathy and kindness to the business world. Sarah has interviewed influential entrepreneurs including Dorie Clark, Mark Schaefer, Jason Swenk, Milana Leshinsky and Denise Wakeman to name a few.  

Sarah’s upbringing and life’s experiences inspired her yearning to create a global movement that brings more empathy and kindness to the business world, encouraging others to live a more meaningful life and take care of our mother earth and each other. Anxiety-Free Marketing™ is the cornerstone of the The Gentle Business Revolution movement.  

She lives in beautiful Switzerland where she was born and raised, and considers herself an alternative thinking citizen of this world. When she’s not working she loves adventure and traveling (ask her about her alter ego in Sicily), yoga and nature walks and hanging out with her 3 boys (a husband and two teenage sons).  

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